Why Vistage?

Why Vistage?

What is Vistage NY?


VI-NY is the name adopted by our Vistage Peer Advisory groups in New York

Our members are CEOs, Presidents, Managing Directors, Executive Directors and business owners of growth-oriented companies who want to be the best-leaders-they-can-be so they can achieve their personal and professional purposes in life.

Vistage Worldwide is a 60+ year-old leadership development organization that helps leaders make better decisions to produce better results and have more impact for their company, family, and causes. Indeed, Training Magazine ranked Vistage #7 among 125 Leadership Development companies. It’s also perfect for business development purposes – since all members join for more business success and want to use the best experts and service providers in order to grow! The 45,000 members join “tiger/mastermind” groups of 12+ members who serve on their Peer Advisory Board; they also join 22 global “networks” (Special Interest Groups) for business development discussions VI-NY’s dedicated Chairman specializes in facilitating both sets of services and provides 1-on-1 executive coaching/mentoring to ensure high ROI for each member (see Value Section).

  • Explore issues that keep you up at night
  • Learn new skills and approaches to problem-solving and take good advice
  • Be held accountable to carry through on good intentions, so they can achieve desired results
  • Be honest, fair, and forthright in giving advice to others
  • Create more time for what’s truly important in their lives.

Experience Vistage –no obligation

Gary Vaynerchuk speaks at Vistage Worldwide

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