Stephen Katz, Partner of Peckar & Abramson, P.C.

I’m generally not a big fan of groups like this but Jerry came highly recommended by someone I trust so I got engaged. Jerry is a great listener and thinker that provides an insight and perspective that you can’t get from friends and colleagues. As an attorney, psychologist and leader of his own collection of businesses he brings the wisdom of 3 advisors into one conversation.
Jerry’s effectiveness attracts business leaders that come together as a very stable Vistage group. Over the years we have come to respect each other and apply the values that Jerry has helped each of us develop to make each other smarter and more effective.

Ed Bosco, Managing Partner of ME-Engineers
I have been a member of Vistage
for approximately 6 years. Seeing speakers each month with
different backgrounds, disciplines and industries brings in a broader
perspective, and presents interesting ideas and techniques that I would not
have come across in the normal course of business. Deliberating over issues
with other CEO’s is valuable, and provides alternative approaches and
experiences. Vistage’s annual symposium is excellent and presents speakers who
add significant value. And lastly, the coaching is excellent and helpful in that
it provides a strong sounding board for ideas, approaches and problem solving.

Marc Wolin, CEO of Seneca Insurance
I absorb a tremendous amount from the combined business
experience of seasoned CEOs in the room. It’s truly a privilege to learn from the successes and
mistakes of others, to accelerate my growth as a business owner.
Just in the past year, Vistage has already helped me steer clear of common sales and hiring
mistakes and driven me to crystallize my vision and strategy for my company. It’s been a
pleasure to form genuine relationships with other members in the group, and a few have already
developed into business opportunities.
Vistage has given me a lot and I hope to reciprocate as I
continue to grow my company.

Henry Xie, CEO of Simple Fractal
Since joining Vistage, I have used the business owner’s network to help me in several ways. For example, with the feedback from our group I was able to refine a personal branding statement that not only works for me, but many others copy variations of the statement for their business.
Jerry, I believe your open and inviting approach to knowledge sharing and problem solving creates an environment where we members truly help each other without any expectation of quid-pro-quo. And this environment makes all the difference for me as a Vistage network member in your group.

Dennis McIntosh, CEO of Prosperity Partners Consultancy
I quickly learned the value of Vistage and Jerry within 5 minutes of my first Executive Session and have stayed for 10 years. Jerry’s insights based on his wide experiences frequently challenges me to tackle a problem in a way I hadn’t considered. The speakers at each meeting are always captivating and provide everything from broad perspectives on leadership to more germane topics like HR protocols and positioning your business for the future. Of most value is the interaction with my fellow CEO’s. The give and take between each of us is always collegial, insightful, and frequently challenging to get to the best solution to a problem.Jerry’s leadership could not have been more valuable in my businesses growth at both times of crisis and opportunity.

Bob Usdin, CEO of Showman Fabricators, Inc.
Becoming a Vistage member enabled me to develop a more structured approach to thinking strategically about our business. The once a month group meetings and individual coaching sessions helped me establish a cadence whereby I can step back from the day-to-day details to think about how we should best address strategic opportunities and challenges. Before Vistage, like manypeople, much of my time was devoted to being “reactive” to events or situations. Vistage has helped me shift the balance to being more “proactive” which is helping me to be a more effective leader and coach within our organization.

Robert Tucker, Managing Partner of Capital Partners
I joined Vistage a few years ago without knowing too much about it. There are a few things about Vistage that I value and hadn’t found anywhere else. First is the quality of the speakers. They are of the highest quality and are real business people dealing with the real world issues of being a businessperson. There is a session at every meeting where we each get to have a pressing concern or problem handled. The groups are very insightful and have made a huge contribution to my understanding of my own business. And there is my coach, Jerry Cahn. His coaching has helped immeasurably as I started a new business.

Vincent M. D’Addona MSFS, Senior Associate at Strategies for Wealth
I have had an interesting journey through Vistage. I always thought that I knew everything – with the
exception of sales and marketing. I have now been a member
of your group for close to 2 years and I have to say I was wrong – I don’t know everything.
The Group, the speakers and your guidance and determination to help us all have really helped me to
improve as a leader, better motivate my employees and grow my business.
I want to thank you for helping me and providing so much value to my Vistage journey.

Hy Goldstoff, Founder and CEO of Intersoft Associate

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