The 23,000 members of Vistage, as well as its speakers and staff, today communicate and collaborate using the many channels of MyVistage, our extranet. These include:

Special sections for each group. Vistage offers local groups for

  • CEOs and business Owners
  • Key members (VPs and directors who report to the CEOs)
  • Emerging Leaders (up-and-coming staff one or two levels below the key members)
  • Trusted Advisors (leaders of small businesses and leaders of business development teams in larger companies)

Research reports produced and aggregated by the Vistage Research Department. For example:

Quarterly small business confidence reports issued by the Wall Street Journal are based on interviews with Vistage members

Webinars by Vistage’s speakers. Vistage operates the largest speakers bureau with over 800 speakers. Globally recognized experts include: Patrick Lencioni, John Maxwell, Daniel Pink, Amy Edmondson Sarano Kelley and Jocko Willink. Topics include:

  • Culture
  • Strategy
  • Organizational health
  • Leadership
  • Performance Management
  • Retirement and Succession
  • Scenario Planning
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