About Jerry

About Jerry

Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D.

Jerry Cahn, trained as a psychologist and attorney, is a trusted advisor to leaders who want more growth, professionally and personally. As a serial entrepreneur, strategic consultant, executive coach, and educator, I leverage my experience and expertise managing my resources to build companies, mentor, coach and teach Vistage members, other executives, and students who also want to grow,

Today, he leads three organizations:

  • Chairman of Vistage New York, part of Vistage Worldwide, an organization that serves 45,000 CEO through a 4-part service ecosystem. He facilitates two CEO groups for Vistage Worldwide (one for leaders of firms with $5-500M in sales; the other for leaders of smaller firms and professional service teams who service larger firms). Through our website, www.vi-ny.com, and my email signature, I’m constantly promoting the excellent work being produced by my distinguished clients.
  • CEO of Age Brilliantly. Launched in 2016, this community platform allows adults to engage with peers, experts and service/product providers to get information, support and top-notch resources so they can take charge and live better to 100+! (Join at www.agebrilliantly.org)
  • Chairman of the Presentation Excellence Group. It provides strategic business & leadership development services (www.presentationexcellencegroup.com). Subsidiaries include:
    • Presentation Excellence, the leading presentation training/coaching service (that helps leaders close more deals, advance their careers and improve lives). (This is the successor to Brilliant Image, a 24/7 graphics company that serviced 5000+ clients committed to winning deals!) Our focus is on helping executives win important, time-critical deals, often worth $100 Million+.
    • Others include: Accountable4Success (accountability and continuous improvement for performance, strategy and cultural alignment); Mentoring Internships (enable companies to help students learn, contribute and make better career decisions); Commanding Strategies (consulting)

Prior activities and experiences which include:

  • NYC Police and Fire Departments  (training program and reducing false alarms)

  • Head Start (launching first evaluation of handicapped children needs; launched 10 model programs)
  • Planned Parenthood NYC (improving client services especially for teenagers at greatest risk)
  • Capitol Hill Legislative Assistant on Health and Environmental issues, including Omnibus Health Care
  • Dental World, turning around its innovative health care service model (One result: stock rose 10-fold)
  • Brilliant Image, CEO, leading computer presentation graphics firm serving 5000+ executives
  • PortfolioPR, CEO, providing investor, public relation and corporate communication services.

Dedicated to education, he teaches Strategy and Leadership courses for CUNY and has been a Visiting Professor for Univ. of Shanghai, teaching Entrepreneurship and Marketing. He has supervised over 600 global interns, and developed Mentoring Internships to help other companies adopt this high ROI, sustainable model. Finally, he is a powerful, inspiring and empowering keynote, workshop and webinar public speaker. He addresses a wide range of issues including: presentation, sales, and negotiations skills; leader development, corporate culture and strategy; and future planning, including creativity, innovation, exponential growth strategies, and how to plan and live an “elongated life” to 100+.

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